Ligier Arbois “1001 Nights” 2016


Just like a Spanish sherry or madeira, Savagnin develops its distinctive flavors through slow oxidation in those attics, under a protective veil of yeast. In fact, a fino sherry is the closest thing we know to a dry savagnin. If you like fino, you will like this wine; if you don’t, you might not.

As an introduction to dry savagnin, Ligier’s Arbois “1001 Nights” 2016 is delicious and fascinating. It’s a blend of 70% veil-matured Savagnin and 30% Chardonnay with the same dry nuttiness as a fino, but a dose of Chardonnay to rounds the wine out and broaden its appeal. Look for notes of hazelnuts, dried apple, and toast.

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