New Everyday Sangiovese: Dark Chocolate and Roses. $16

Across the Alps.  The wine regions of France are enormous and diverse. The wide range of styles, grapes, and and traditions produces a staggering variety of wines. That offers enough diversity to keep us busy for years, and in some regions we feel as though we have barely scratched the surface.

But from time to time we gaze across the borders into the countries beyond. About 350 miles southeast of Mont Blanc (or for purposes of this post, Monte Bianco) lies a charming Tuscan hilltown that has often diverted us from our Francophile tendencies. The Fattoria Poggerino is a small, organic winemaker crafting delicious, affordable wines of pure Sangiovese — a small but delicious exception to our French-centric portfolio.


Pomorodo.  Poggerino splits its Chianti Classico vines into older and younger parcels, bottling the former as “Chianti Classico” and the latter vat-raised as “Il Labirinto.” The Classico is their flagship cuvée, and rightly deserving of its praise. But with the “young” vines now pushing 35 years old, Labirinto is Classico-quality wine that is an astounding bargain for the price.

The 2015 arrived in our warehouse last week, and it’s undoubtedly the finest Labirinto we have seen. One longtime customer who ordered a case 2015 Labirinto from our January Futures program tasted a bottle over the weekend and called us to reserve four more cases. It would be a delicious and reasonable wine at $25; at $16, it’s a steal.

The nose of the Labirinto 2015 is gorgeous. Very ripe cherry fruit springs from the glass, accompanied by earth, roses, and tobacco. The mouth is also exceptional — smooth, ripe, and clean, with plum and dark chocolate. The tannins are refined and neatly aligned, with no astringency or harshness. This is lively and pleasantly drinkable on its own, but like most wines, it’s best enjoyed with the other fruits of its home terroir. Try a homemade pizza (good recipe for the dough here) or a pasta with a tomato based sauce.


POGGERINO Labirinto 2015
Ansonia Retail: $20
6+ bottle price : $16/bot




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