Futures: the May 2024 Issue

Order Deadline: Sunday 5/19

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What is Futures?

Futures is Ansonia’s advance-order program. Six times a year we review wines we’re about to import, and let customers join in on the early ordering with far better pricing. Each of our winemakers is featured in one Futures issue per year. 

The orders usually take 6-8 weeks to arrive, and orders are paid for up front. Some wines for which we have limited allocations are available only through Futures.


Tentative 2024 Schedule

Burgundy: Thomas, Ragot, Picamelot
Other: Goubert, Tunnel, Bordeaux, Poggerino

Burgundy: Belland, Gautheron, Lestime, Vessigaud
Other: Gross, Sanzay, Garenne, Rosés, Salomon

Burgundy: Amiot, Clerget, Morey, Collet
Other: Mestre, Joncuas, Martin-Luneau, Fleuron

Burgundy: Cheron, Bohrmann, Desvignes, Beaujolais
Other: Dumien-Serrette, André, Michot, Paget, Lancelot-Royer

Burgundy: Boursot, Giroux, Forces
Other: Saint-Clair, Bonnefond, Sanzay, Malmont, Bardoux

Burgundy: Gros, Boyer-Martenot, Ravaut, Maillet
Other: Voigny, Lafont, Robin