Introducing a new project from Ansonia:
The Monthly Wine Club
three bottles, once a month, $95



What are the wines?
You pick the color: 3 white or 3 red
We pick the wines: 3 bottles we’re excited about

How much does it cost?
$95/month, shipped and billed around the 15th every month
Pickup is Free, Shipping (East of Chicago) is Free

Are they discounted?
Club wines are 10-20% off Ansonia retail

What’s in the box?
Three delicious bottles, descriptions & food pairings, a followup coupon

What’s a followup coupon?
Purchase a full case of any of the club wines at 20% off

How long is the commitment?
There isn’t one! Cancel anytime.

How do I sign up?
Click here to join the Monthly Wine Club