Peach, Hazelnut, and White Flowers: Elegant, Golden 2015 Meursault

If you ever need to convert someone to white Burgundy, pour them a glass of Meursault. Made from pure Chardonnay and grown in soils balanced between marl and chalk, Meursault is some of most opulent white wine in the world. Chardonnay can make rich, mouthfilling wines in most locations — but those from Meursault also contain elegance, minerality, and balance.

The town’s low water table means the vines reach deep into the earth for water, pulling minerals and nutrients from deep root systems. The chalk and other minerals in the soil bring a freshness and balancing minerality to the best Meursault. We meet plenty of people who tell us they don’t like Chardonnay, particularly when raised in oak — but we have yet to find someone who doesn’t enjoy Meursault.



We used to describe Vincent Boyer as a young, up and coming winemaker in Meursault. But at this point he has unquestionably arrived. It’s hard to imagine how Boyer’s wines could get any better, but every year we visit — even through the last several difficult vintages — his quality seems to improve.

Today we’re suggesting Boyer’s 2015 Meursault Cuvée Fernand Boyer. It’s a blend of four village-level plots in Meursault, and named for Vincent’s grandfather, the founder of the domaine. Like all of Vincent’s wines, it’s exceptionally well made; but because it’s from several plots it offers a slightly friendlier price tag.

The 2015 “Fernand Boyer” is classic Meursault. The nose shows stone fruits like white peaches and nectarines, and a lovely balance between tropical and citrus notes. The oak influence is very light, and in this ripe year Vincent has let the pure fruit and beautiful white flowers shine through. The mouth is rich and smooth but full of energy, with a long, smooth finish. Shellfish or pork tenderloin would match this nicely, but all it really requires is a glass.



Boyer-Martenot Meursault “Fernand Boyer” 2015

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