Grand Cru Mazis-Chambertin’s Neighbor: “Rich and Velvety” Premier Cru

Gevrey-Chambertin is known for its bold, powerful red Burgundies. Located at the northern end of the Côte d’Or, Gevrey’s wines are at the masculine end of the Burgundy spectrum. Pinot Noir never makes wines as big and extracted as those from the south of France — but for Burgundy, Gevrey is about as bold as it gets.

The Guide Hachette calls Gérard Quivy “undoubtedly one of the reference points in the appellation.” Quivy himself is soft spoken, thoughtful, and meticulously dressed; and his wines reflect his understated style — they combine the intensity and muscle of Gevrey with an enticing sophistication. Today we’re suggesting his premier cru Gevrey-Chambertin from the “Corbeaux” vineyard.



Quivy’s Corbeaux vines are exceptionally well located, just 5 feet from the legendary Grand Cru Mazis-Chambertin (see photo). They’re also nearing 70 years old, and their fruit is rich and concentrated every year. The only catch is that Quivy owns less than half an acre, which produces about 60 cases per year.

The 2014 Corbeaux is seductive and elegant. The Guide Hachette found “licorice” and “toast,” calling it “ample, rich” and “velvety.” To this we’d add delicious sappy notes of cassis and gingerbread. This wine has the intensity and seriousness of Gevrey, wrapped in an unusually sleek and polished core.

Drink this late in the evening, with steaks and roasted potatoes.



Quivy Gevrey-Chambertin 1er “Corbeaux” 2014

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