Wild Cherries and Violets: Summery Natural Red $25

“Natural” wines are hard to get right, but when they’re good they can be extraordinary. Mas Foulaquier’s cuvées are exceptional — clean and well formed, marrying ripe fruit with earthy notes from their rugged terroir.

Their philosophy is simple: as little intervention as possible between vineyard and bottle. Their vineyards are “Demeter” certified, and in the cellar the winemakers use only ambient yeasts, avoid fining and filtering, and minimal sulfites added only at bottling.

Foulaquier’s wines are always best enjoyed outside, free to commune with the natural world from which they spring.



Our newest cuvée from Foulaquier is a delightful 50/50 blend of Grenache and Syrah. Orphée is cool and fresh in the nose, showing berries, bay leaf, violets, and earth. The mouth is dark and beautifully textured, with softened tannins and notes of cassis, roses, and spice.

On a summer afternoon this is easy to like and hard to put down. Serve it at a cocktail party on a backyard patio or roofdeck. Close your eyes and plunge your nose into the glass. It’s a wine full of life, and it might just make you feel the same.



Foulaquier Orphée 2015

Ansonia Retail: $30
6+ bottle price : $25/bot


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