Exquisite New 10-year-old Grand Cru Grower Champagne.

For a few years now Pascal Bardoux has supplied us with his exceptional Champagne — from his charming Rosé Brut to his elegant Vintage blends to his remarkable 15-year-old magnums. (Watch this space for more magnums later this year.)

This spring we stumbled across another excellent Grower Champagne source — the Domaine Daniel Petit-Lebrun. They’re located in the famous Côte des Blancs, and their wines are all 100% chardonnay. Their Grand Cru classified vineyards produce classic Côtes des Blancs wines — linear and elegant with long finishes and delightful complexity.

At first glance their 2008 Vintage Champagne wine struck as well-made and straightforward — but as we found out, good things come to those who wait.



Like still wines, Champagne opens up as it is exposed to warmth and air. Decanting Champagne usually doesn’t often happen, but the more air you can get to this wine the better. At our Newton Owner’s Hours yesterday this was lovely when we opened at 10am, and magnificent by the close at 4pm.

Now a decade after harvest, this wine is as complex and delicious as any Champagne we’ve had lately. Look for butterscotch, confectioner’s sugar, toast, grape skin, and flowers in the nose. It’s a Brut so the mouth is dry, but the baked fruit and raspberry tart notes are simply enticing.

We may be the first American importers for this wine, but if it continues to show this much magic in the glass we certainly won’t be the last.


Petit-Lebrun Champagne Grand Cru 2008

bottle price : $75


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