“Round and Delicious” 2015 Red Burgundy under $50

Morey-St-Denis is a most Burgundian style of Burgundy. The wines are firmly rooted in the old world — precise, refined, and sophisticated. Difficult vintages sometimes require deliberate aging in Morey-St-Denis, though they nearly always reward it handsomely.

But 2015 was anything but a difficult vintage. Heralded as one of the best in a generation, the red Burgundies of 2015 offer attractive fruit and generous texture in their youth, and promise much more down the road.

If you’ve never tried Morey-St-Denis, this is the one to try. If you’re already familiar, well then you don’t need convincing.



The Domaine Pierre Amiot is a small family domaine on the main street in Morey-St-Denis. The town’s population is less than 700, and its vineyards cover less than half a square mile. Amiot is among the best known names in town, and his wines are excellent year in and year out.

The 2015 Morey-St-Denis is simply delicious. The nose shows raspberry fruits, licorice, and cinnamon; the mouth is cool and vibrant with notes of cassis and red flowers. The freshness in this wine makes it an excellent pairing for food. Burghound found “good richness” and called it “round and delicious.”

We’d carafe this for an hour, and serve with charcuterie or pâté on crackers.



Amiot Morey-St-Denis 2015

bottle price : $49


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