Granite and Wildflowers: Electric, Dry Grand Cru Riesling

There is no more underappreciated wine than Riesling. Many US consumers, burned by syrupy Rieslings with no life and too much sugar, have sworn off the grape. But for lovers of dry wine, there’s enough bone-dry Riesling out there to make avoidance foolhardy. Tall skinny bottle + “Riesling” ≠ sweet.

One of the liveliest and most delicious dry Rieslings in our portfolio comes from the Domaine Mersiol’s Grand Cru vineyard Frankstein. Grown organically from 30 year old vines, this wine perfectly conveys the landscape of its origin. The Mersiol family has lived in Dambach for centuries, and their wines represent a long and intimate knowledge of this stony terroir.



The 2016 Mersiol Riesling Frankstein is a delight. Crisp notes of lime zest and melon with a vibrant, precise minerality bolster an expressive nose of elderflower and peach. It may be single digits out today, but this symphony of spring will call to mind a landscape of wildflowers and vines sprouting from the granite slope.

This is as good a food wine as any in our portfolio. Serve this with seared scallops (Thomas Keller’s simple preparation is hard to beat), or with a crisp spring salad of greens and grilled chicken breast. Beside those, consider sushi, steamer clams, veal in cream, etc. etc.

The famous importer Terry Theise once said, “there are times when I think that any sip of wine that isn’t Riesling is wasted.” Take a sip of this wine, and you’ll know what he meant.



Mersiol Riesling Grand Cru “Frankstein 2016
bottle price: $29

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