New Dry Chenin Blanc: an Organic Symphony of Fruit and Spice

Chenin blanc is a tough grape to pin down. The varietal produces a staggering array of styles: from still to sparkling, bone dry to very sweet, and everything in between. Even today, the winemakers of the Loire, France’s center for winemaking innovation, continue to push what’s possible from the grape.

This spring we were thrilled to discover an exceptional new source for Chenin blanc. The wines of Nicolas Paget have already become popular among our readers, from the dry, refreshing Melodie, to his enticing off-dry Maestro. Paget is unknown in the US — we’re his first American importer — but his expressive, organic cuvées have found enthusiastic welcome from the UK’s famous Berry Bros & Rudd.

Today we’re excited to introduce a third Paget cuvée: the 2014 Indr & Loire. It’s unlike anything in our portfolio, and we think it’s delightful.

The 2014 Indr & Loire is Paget’s maiden release for the cuvée. He ferments the wine dry, and then ages it for two years in oak barrels. The barrels are old enough not to impart any flavor, but have allowed the wine to relax and develop into something extraordinary.

The nose is dry and floral, with notes of lemon, mango, yellow raisins, and lychee. The mouth is smooth and long — think golden apples, coconut, and exotic spice. There’s enough freshness to keep the wine afloat, but it’s the richness and depth of flavor that make it memorable.

This is bone dry wine — very ripe and very full, but with no sweetness and a long, elegant finish: a perfect wintery white. Serve this as an aperitif at your next dinner party, and your guests will never guess where it’s from.



Paget Chenin “Indr & Loire” 2014
bottle price: $29

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