Punchy, Affordable, Bistro-Style Red Burgundy. $26

The Côte d’Or is home to nearly all of Burgundy’s most famous wines. Centuries ago local monks discovered the Côte’s unique combination of soil, exposition, slope, and weather; today it continues to be a near-perfect place to grow Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.

But it’s a mistake to ignore the rest of Burgundy. Truly great Burgundies may be rare outside the Côte d’Or, but for the careful consumer there’s plenty of opportunity for delicious value.

One such find is the Domaine Desvignes, an affordable source for everyday red Burgundies providing excellent value. Vinous’s Neal Martin discovered them last year, and writes of their wines: “vivid,” “excellent,” “wonderful balance,” “punchy,” and “really quite superb.”



Gautier Desvignes is a 20-something winemaker who took over his family’s domaine a few years ago. He has brought new energy and modern techniques to the winemaking, and the results have been nothing short of exceptional. Gautier has managed to transform a humble, traditional family winery into one making some of the most popular wines in our portfolio.

Today we’re releasing the Desvignes Givry 2016, a village-level Givry that drinks far above its $26 price tag. The nose is ripe and unusually complex — the nose shows tapenade, maillard reaction, thyme and blackberries; the mouth is ripe and bursting, with notes of cherry compote and dried roses.

The Desvignes wines age well, but there’s no need to wait on this 2016. It’s an upgraded bistro-style red to be served with a bistro meal — think steak frites or duck confit.



Desvignes Givry 2016
bottle price: $26

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