Exquisite New Dry Riesling from Alsace. $19

To the uninitiated, Riesling is a cheap, insipid wine — rarely interesting, and never noble. But to those in the know, Riesling produces some of the world’s most extraordinary bottles of wine.

No white grape varietal communicates its origin as fluently. As writer Terry Theise puts it, “Riesling does more than just imply terroir: it subsumes its own identity as fruit into the greater meaning of soil, land, and place.”

For years we’ve enjoyed converting readers to the joys of “real Riesling,” both dry and sweet. And today we’re thrilled to introduce our newest winemaker, and begin with his magnificent dry Riesling.

Vincent Gross is a young, enthusiastic winemaker practicing biodynamic viticulture, and producing truly exciting wines. With the retirement of Francis Muré, our longtime Alsatian source, our discovery of Gross is timed perfectly.

Gross’s 2016 Riesling is everything you want it to be. The nose is a gorgeous marriage of high-toned fruits and stony minerals. The mouth is dry and electric — notes of grapefruit, lemon peel, apples and pears. It’s dryer, livelier and more mineral than Muré’s.

Pair this with cheese and crackers and a spring afternoon outside. Or try this Alsatian dish, Chicken with Prunes and Cabbage – either way you’ll find yourself wishing all $19 wines had this much to them.



Gross Riesling 2016
bottle price: $19

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