New $25 Sancerre: Uncomplicated Pleasure

Our focus on Burgundy means we spend a lot of time talking about subtlety: the nuances of terroir, the intricacies of weather patterns, etc. But sometimes we like to drink wine that’s a bit simpler — not boring or one-dimensional, just uncomplicated enjoyment in a glass.

The WSJ’s Lettie Teauge once described Sancerre as a wine about “pleasure not profundity.” And often, particularly in warm summer weather, this is all we’re looking for. After years of searching we landed a new Sancerre source last year, and readers quickly made them a staple of their summer tables.

We’ve just received the new crop of 2018 Sancerres from the Domaine de la Garenne, and they might even be better than last year’s.

Located along the banks of the Loire River in central France, Sancerre produces wines from pure Sauvignon Blanc. The wine typically combines ripe, juicy grapefruit notes with a lively minerality, often notes of flint, and pleasant herbal finish.

Garenne’s 2018 Sancerre fits this ideal perfectly — it’s bone dry with pure sauvignon grapefruit in the nose. In the mouth it’s lively but with no astringency or grassiness. Its terroir is a mix of Sancerre’s three soil types (limestone, clay/limestone, and flint), and shows an appealing ripeness alongside the stones.

Serve this with goat cheese on crackers, or chicken on the grill, or a warm summer afternoon.



Garenne Sancerre 2018
bottle price: $25

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