Delicious New 2015 Saint-Emilion. $25

Bordeaux is best known for its expensive, ageworthy red wines. Some carry 3- and 4-figure price tags; the best age for half a century or more. But not all Bordeaux reds are so prestigious.

At ten times the size of Burgundy, there’s an ocean of Bordeaux beyond the famous names. Much is mediocre and uninteresting. But some is genuinely delicious, and careful shoppers can find great value.

This spring we discovered a delicious, well-priced St-Emilion Grand Cru. It’s humble, smooth, uncomplicated; and at $25 it’s priced to enjoy with your weeknight pizza.

Like most wines from Bordeaux’s Right Bank, this is 60% Merlot; (the rest is 25% Cab Sauvignon, and 15% Cab Franc). The 2015 growing season on the Right Bank was magnificent. Master of Wine James Lawther wrote recently of the 2015 Right Bank reds “I wouldn’t say it’s the greatest ever, but it’s a very, very good vintage.”

Notes of Merlot jump from the nose on this wine: think licorice, plum, leather, iodine. The mouth is clean, mid-weight, and very well balanced, with smooth tannins and notes of cherry jam and pepper.

Don’t limit yourself to Bordeaux only on special occasions. Cheval Blanc this is not; but for a Wednesday evening bottle you don’t have to think about much, look no further.


Bouquey St-Emilion Grand Cru 2015
bottle price: $25

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