Autumn Wine Guide


There’s no better wine for Autumn than Beaujolais. That refreshing chill in the air these days perfectly matches the crackling energy and gulpable freshness of Beaujolais.

Juliénas 2018     intense, juicy, refreshing     $18
Chiroubles 2018     dark, floral, pretty     $18
Juliénas VV 2018     inky, dense, chewy     $19

Fleurie 2018     pretty, refined, floral     $19
Juliénas Centenaires 2017     elegant, sophisticated, polished     $24
Juliénas Clos des Chers 2017     rugged, juicy, cherries     $24

Recipe Ideas
Julia Child’s Coq au Vin
Chicken Thighs with Square and Mustard Greens


Other Reds

Aside from Beaujolais, in the fall we like darkly flavored wines with good freshness and density. Here’s a dozen favorites from the Rhône, Burgundy, Loire, Bordeaux, and Italy.

Bonnefond Syrah 2017     cool, refreshing, black pepper      $25
Saint Clair Crozes Etincelle 2016      dark, spiced, blackberries      $22
Dumien-Serrette Moulin 2018      juicy, young, refreshing      $25
Saint Clair St-Joseph 2015      intense, bold, inky      $36

Southern Blends
Bagatelle Fil de Soi 2017      smooth, rich, rugged      $22
Foulaquier Orphée 2017      earthy, spiced, vibrant      $25
Mestre Châteauneuf-du-Pape 17      smooth, refreshing, dark      $34
Joncuas Gigondas 2016      earthy, mouthfilling, dense      $34

Paget Chinon 2016     cool, refreshing, cherries      $22
Ramafort Cru Bourgeois 2010      mature, smooth, polished      $25
Poggerino CC 2015      dusty, pure, cherry jam      $25
Varoilles Bourgogne 2015      elegant, toast, earth      $39

Recipe Ideas
Chorizo White Bean Stew
Thomas Keller’s Cassoulet



In the fall we like whites with a bit of thickness and texture. With oysters in season and roasts in the oven, there’s a wide range of flavors and foods to match.

Burgundy: Côte d’Or
Boyer-Martenot Aligoté 2017      smooth, refreshing, baked lemon      $22
Gros FSM blanc 2016      hazelnut, mouthfilling, toast      $39
Belland Santenay 1er blanc 2017      round, lemons, minerals      $42
Bohrmann St-Aubin 1er 2017      intense, shimmering, golden      $49

Burgundy: Chablis
Gautheron Petit Chablis 2017      crisp, unoaked, zippy      $22
Collet Chablis 2017      smooth, refreshing, stony      $26
Gautheron Chablis 1er cru 2017      unoaked, vibrant, lemon curd      $32
Collet Chablis 1er cru 2017      intense, smooth, polished      $35

Martin-Luneau Clisson 2010      stony, oxidative, dry      $25
Paget Chenin Indr et Loir 2014      exotic, expressive, pears      $29
Bonnefond Condrieu 2017      aromatic, peach, elderflower      $54
Gross Gewurztraminer VDM 2017      unusual, hops, spices      $32

Recipe Ideas
New England Clam Chowder
French Onion Soup
Gnocchi with Sage, Butter, & Parmesan