New 2016 Pommard: Old-World Elegance and Charm

Pommard and Volnay are the red Burgundy royalty of the Côte de Beaune. Pommard, the king, produces wines that are sturdy and masculine, drawn from clay and iron rich soils. Volnay, the queen, produces wines of unparalleled elegance, a study in subtlety and grace.

Today’s wine is from Pommard, but we like to think of it as a prince, inheriting the best qualities of both towns. Made from vines near the border between these two majestic towns, the Mégard Pommard is a beautifully balanced blend of the two styles.

Hail storms hit Pommard in 2016, and many producers suffered severely reduced yields. But the quality of the remaining fruit was terrific – healthy, small berries producing sophisticated, gorgeous reds.

The 2016 Pommard is delightful. The nose is pretty and exotic, with soy sauce and spices alongside the classic raspberry fruit. The mouth shows dry blackberries, with elegant, delicate, long mouthfeel.

Carafe for an hour and it’s delightfully drinkable today. Pair it carefully with a mild steak or tenderloin, and this is a charming glass of old-world, old-school Burgundy.


Mégard Pommard 2016
bottle price: $59

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