Rosé Arrives, at Last

We’re calling it — it’s now rosé season.

Sure it might be 50 degrees and rainy next week, but throw on a pair of sunglasses and a short sleeve shirt and just pretend. Summer has to get here some day.

This year we’ve got three exciting exciting rosés — all 2019s and just arrived. (And for those with a taste for fizz, we’ve also got two cuvées of pink bubbles.) The still rosés hail from the Rhône and Loire Valleys — two are Provencal blends of Grenache and Syrah, the other a Cab Franc.

All three offer different takes on the genre. We’ve expounded on each below, and offer a pink sampler of all three at the end.


Goubert Rosé de Flo 2019
Grenache/Syrah/Mourvèdre | As usual, this is the lightest weight. The nose is dry and fresh, with dry strawberries and lime zest. The mouth is light, clean, refreshing and delightful. You forget it’s even there. Pair this with fresh goat cheese on crackers.
Ansonia Retail: $19/bot


Malmont Séguret Rosé 2019
Grenache/Syrah | Malmont’s rosé is like Goubert’s, with just a bit more substance. The nose is similar, with added notes of lavender and berries; the mouth is just as dry, but with a bit more texture. It’s longer, but just as clean and refreshing. Pair with a salad with confit or paté.
Ansonia Retail: $22/bot


Sanzay Rosé 2019
Cabernet Franc | Sanzay’s Loire Valley Cab Franc rosé has a different profile — the fruits are fresher and riper, like crushed raspberries with a hint of mint. The mouth is full and dry with floral roundness that’s palate-coating but lively. This stands nicely on its own, or with a plate of sushi.
Ansonia Retail: $19/bot


Rosé Sampler
Four of Each Wine
Ansonia Retail: $235/case