Shimmering 2018 White Burgundy under $30

White Burgundy is among the best food-pairing wines around. It works at the high end – an ageworthy Meursault, a rich dish of veal in cream, etc. But it answers the call for something uncomplicated and reliable — a hearty bowl of mussels, chicken thighs on the grill.

Gerard Thomas’s Bourgogne blanc has been our go-to white burgundy for nearly a decade now. The 2018 is everything you want in a Bourgogne blanc: refreshing, complex, rich but not heavy, vibrant but not thin. It doesn’t make Meursault promises — but it way over delivers for $6/glass.

All of Gérard Thomas’s 2018s are lipsmakingly good — a tasty combination of fleshy texture and shimmering energy. At each classification level the wines drink above their weight. The 2018 Bourgogne has a bit more meat on its bones than usual, making it lovely on its own.

The nose is soft and elegant, with hazelnut and wood notes melting into lemon and baked apple fruit. There’s solid acidity and plenty of body, and it’s more mouthfilling than most wine of its class.

We strongly recommend setting aside a night for a high-end white Burgundy. But for a busy weeknight when all you need is something balanced and crisp and refreshing, look no further.


Thomas Bourgogne 2018
bottle price: $29

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