Back in Stock: Crisp Refreshing $25 Sancerre

Grape: Sauvignon Blanc
Sauvignon blanc is among the world’s most widely planted grapes, but its origin is the Loire Valley. In the Loire, Sauvignon takes on a floral, mineral style, juicy grapefruit notes with a lively minerality, often notes of flint, and pleasant herbal finish.

Appellation: Sancerre
Wine writer Lettie Teague once described Sancerre as a wine about “pleasure not profundity.” Located at the eastern end of the Loire, Sancerre produces consistently delicious wines — approachable, affordable, and uncomplicated.

Wine: Garenne Sancerre 2019
At a perfect $5/glass, this wine has become hard to keep in stock — we’ve just reupped (again). Garenne’s 2019 Sancerre is easy and delightful. It’s bone-dry with pure sauvignon grapefruit in the nose. In the mouth it’s lively but with no astringency or grassiness — a warm vintage gave added weight but no less freshness. Look for minerals and lime in the mouth alongside the ripe fruit.

Pairing: Moules Frites
A classic autumn bistro paring, serve this with mussels and fries — a simple broth of shallots, wine, parsley, garlic and tarragon. The fries will soak up the broth, and you’ll soak up the taste of fall.


Garenne Sancerre 2019
bottle price: $25

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