Inky Smooth Red Burgundy: Peony & Plum. $24

Winemaker: The Perrachon family has made wine in Juliénas since the 1870s. Perrachon makes the most complex and sophisticated Beaujolais reds we’ve had. Raised carefully in oak barrels, their pure Gamay wines compete with entry level Burgundy Pinots on complexity and value.

Appellation: Today’s wine comes from Juliénas, an appellation known for its serious, intense wines. Perrachon’s gamay vines here are nearly 80 years old, and their low yields produce wines of inky depth and richness. Made from south facing vines and raised in large 500L barrels, this is as impressive as Beaujolais gets.

Wine: As with most 2018 reds from Burgundy, this is rich, bold and delicious. The nose is dark and very serious, with notes of licorice, plums, spice, peony and woods. The mouth is smooth, dark, and polished without a hint of ruggedness and a long, refined finish.

Serving: Drink this on its own at the end of a weekday when you can’t stare at Zoom any more. Or pair with a takeout pizza. Or both.


Perrachon Juliénas “Clos des Chers” 2018
bottle price: $24

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