Rosé is Here! Dry, Refreshing $19 Sangiovese

An exciting new rosato from our friends at Poggerino in Chianti

We’re calling it: it’s now rosé season.

Okay, sure — it might have snowed last week, and it might be barely breaking into the 70s where you live today. But we’ve all been inside for what seems like over a year now, so we’ll take any excuse for sunshine we can get.

We’re looking forward to next month’s arrival of three new 2020 Rosés from the Rhône and Loire Valleys. But we’re excited to release today’s 2020 Rosato from Poggerino for the first time. It’s a bit of a different take on the genre than the French cuvées, but we’re confident it’ll be just as popular. The only problem is that we might not have bought enough…

Poggerino’s 2020 Rosato is a delight. Like all of Poggerino’s wines it’s 100% sangiovese, and is a blend of pressed and saignée juice. The nose is fresh and intense, with floral notes alongside strawberry and raspberry. The mouth is dry but full of fruit, with a clean, refreshing mouthfeel.

What sets it apart from the French rosés is its texture. Sangiovese is a bolder grape than the ones used in our other rosés (Pinot, Cab Franc, Grenache, Syrah), and this rosé has a lovely concentrated core to it. It’s light in color and light on its feet, but sports an ever-so-slightly tannic structure that gives it definition and depth.

Pour this all summer long. If you need a pairing besides a patio or a pool, serve with a fresh summer salad spotted with goat cheese.


Poggerino Rosato 2020
bottle price: $19

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