Dark and Briary Burgundy: Terrific 2018 Côte de Nuits, $36

Lovely, intense, darkly floral Pinot Noir for a weeknight

The Domaine Ravaut is the ultimate local wine source. For over a century the Ravaut family has cultivated a loyal clientele of friends, neighbors, and local workers — our tasting visits are frequently interrupted by neighbors stocking up their cellars. The domaine continues to sell nearly half its wine to folks who walk in their front door.

The Ravaut’s make everything from humble Bourgogne to Grand Cru Corton, and each cuvée shows polish and precision. This regional level appellation covers a wide swath of land, but, at least in this case, it’s unmistakably Côte de Nuits. Dark, briary fruits mix with earth, toast and mushrooms in a profile that couldn’t be from anywhere else.

Ravaut’s entry level wines are usually lightweight and pretty — but not in 2018. Abundant sunshine and warmth produced a crop of bold, juicy, delicious reds with lots of stuffing and character. It’s dark, sleek, and beautiful with notes of gingerbread, earth, wild cherries, and smoke — all wrapped up in Ravaut’s signature polish.

Over the last few months his has mellowed into a gorgeously complex weeknight red Burgundy. If you’re feeling adventurous, serve with seared tuna; for classicists, go with game or duck or just a plate of mushrooms sautéed in butter..


Ravaut Côte de Nuits-Villages 2018
bottle price: $36

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