Refreshing New $22 Burgundian Sauvignon Blanc. (Yes, Burgundy!)

Romain Collet’s new Saint-Bris is crisp, rich, and delicious

Most of Burgundy’s vineyards lie in a North-South line between Dijon and Lyon. Chablis is the exception – this satellite region sits an hour and a half northwest of the rest of Burgundy. Culturally, Chablis has been part of Burgundy for over 500 years, but geographically it’s a world apart.

In fact Chablis is closer, both physically and geologically, to Sancerre in the Loire Valley. Chablis of course is all Chardonnay, and Sancerre is pure Sauvignon — but in the nearby, little-known appellation of Saint-Bris, the lines blur even further: the region is still Burgundy, but the grape is Sauvignon Blanc.

We’re excited to introduce our very first Saint-Bris, a pure sauvignon blanc wine made by the terrifically talented Romain Collet of the Domaine Jean Collet in Chablis.

Collet has always been known as a reliable source in Chablis, but thirtysomething Romain has dramatically elevated the domaine’s status. Their delicious Chablis cuvées range from humble Chablis villages to Grand Cru, and the new Saint-Bris is as well made as everything else. Romain handles the unfamiliar grape with skill and precision.

Collet’s Saint-Bris is simply delightful. It spends a bit of elevage in old oak barrels – too old to add any toasty notes, but enough to round out the refreshing Sauvignon acidity. The result is a delicious, supple wine with great freshness and lovely notes of dried flowers and grapefruit. Burghound found “fine richness and intensity.” It’s a tasty combination of the angular precision of Chablis and the lush juiciness of Sauvignon blanc.

Open a chilled bottle on an warm August afternoon and you’ll be surprised how fast you reach the bottom.


Collet Saint-Bris 2019
bottle price: $22

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