[ADVANCE] The Perfect Weeknight Sancerre, 20% off

Refreshing, delicious, pitch-perfect Sauvignon Blanc under $25

Wine writer Lettie Teauge once described Sancerre as a wine that delivers “pleasure not profundity.” We think this is an excellent description – sometimes a moment calls for a grand, majestic wine, but other times all you need is something crisp, refreshing, and reliable.

Domaine de la Garenne’s Sancerre is the most popular white wine in our store, and with good reason – it perfectly balances fruit, freshness, minerals and energy, all in a startlingly affordable package.

The Godon-Reverdy family just sent us samples of their 2022s Garenne wines, and we’re pleased to report they’re as good as ever. All four will appear in next Sunday’s March Futures issue, but we’re opening up the bidding on our favorite today.

Garenne’s Sancerre is Sauvignon Blanc in its purest form. Grown on a combination of flint, clay, and limestone soils, it’s prototypical Sancerre – no oak, crisp minerality, lovely dry fruit. The 2022 growing season was relatively uneventful in the Loire (a break from recent hardships), and the resulting wines embody the carefree nature of the vintage.

The 2022 Sancerre blanc from Garenne is simply delicious. It’s not as rich as the baked 2020 vintage, nor as piercing as last year’s 2021 – it treads a Goldilocks’ path with tremendous success. The nose has grapefruit and stones, alongside hints of white flowers and chalk. The mouth is easy, crisp, and delicious with dry fruit and a vibrant finish – everything you want in a weeknight Sancerre.

March Futures orders should arrive just in time for the turn to Spring, and this will be as welcome on your table as a vase of daffodils.


Garenne Sancerre 2022
bottle price: $336
March Futures Price: $275/case

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