The Best Côtes du Rhône We Know. $19

Juicy, unoaked, and smooth – a crowd pleaser for over a decade

Some wines just hit a sweet spot between price and quality. All the way back to our brick and mortar days in Dupont Circle in Washington DC, the Goubert Sablet has been among the best sellers in our lineup. When we left it off our order last year, we had half a dozen customers write in to express concern.

It’s not the fanciest wine in our cellar — it’s not even the fanciest Côtes du Rhône. But there’s something about the balance of fruit, earth, texture, acidity, tannin and price that make it a winning combination. The 2020 has just arrived, and it’s hands down the best vintage Florence has made.

We were a bit nervous our “back up the truck” phrase in the October Futures writeup might have been overenthusiastic; but after finally opening a bottle this week, we can confirm that was no hyperbole.

The 2020 Sablet from Goubert might be the best Côtes du Rhône we’ve had in many years. It’s a blend of Grenache, Mourvèdre and Syrah, all fermented together in the same tank. It’s raised in large concrete vats rather than oak barrels, and the resulting wine is fresh and untouched by notes of vanilla or toast.

Goubert’s Sablet 2020 is dark, juicy and refreshing: the nose is a blend of wild cherries, lavender, violets, and cloves. In the mouth the fruits are red, perfectly ripe, with beautiful freshness and a clean, spiced finish. The weight is just right: rich, rounded tannins, mouth-coating fruit, solid supporting acidity, and a smooth finish.

Your search for a house red wine is over.


Goubert Sablet 2020
bottle price: $19

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