Gorgeous, Fresh, Floral New Vouvray. $25

Our newest discovery in the Loire Valley has arrived.

Vouvray is the king of the central Loire Valley. Made from pure Chenin Blanc, the wine is a chameleon, ranging from very sweet to bone dry and from sparkling to still. The most famous cuvées from top names will improve for decades, and are among the world’s longest lived wines.

But not all Vouvray is ageworthy or serious. Today we’re pleased to introduce a delicious, dry, bursting Vouvray at an affordable price from our brand new source here, Domaine de la Fontainerie. Catherine Dhoye-Deruet has run her small 6-hectare estate since the 1990s, and it’s been in her family since the early 1700s.

Her Vouvray Sec 2020 is a late-summer delight. The nose is lush and beautiful with exotic fruits alongside notes of chalk, apple, quince and pear. The mouth is rich, smooth and delicious with a bursting apple attack and a crunchy, stony dry finish. Serve with crumbly goat cheese, garlic-ginger shrimp from the grill, or pre-season football.


Fontainerie Vouvray Sec 2020
bottle price: $25

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