[Case Sale] Fresh, Gulpable $22 Sangiovese

Poggerino’s simple, friendly red is easy and a bargain

Many readers are very familiar with Poggerino’s excellent Chianti Classico cuvées, a favorite of writers in Vinous, the Wine Advocate, and more. (Indeed, don’t tell our French producers, but they’re some of the most popular wines we import.) This year winemaker Piero Lanza reintroduced his “Labirinto” cuvée, a simple, easy-going red from young vines.

We’re excited to welcome back Poggerino’s Labirinto. It’s nearly all sangiovese, with a splash of local organic Merlot blended in from a neighbor. You can’t taste the Merlot at all, but the addition perfectly rounds out the energetic young sangiovese juice. The resulting cuvée is dangerously drinkable – fresh, silky smooth and delicious on its own.

Labirinto’s fruits are redder than the Classico’s – think wild cherries – with a smooth mouthfeel and very subtle tannin. Keep this around for weeknight pizza enjoyment all summer long.


Poggerino Labirinto 2021
bottle price:$22
case price: $18 (use code POGG)

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