Vibrant, “Supple” Organic $25 White Burgundy

The Maconnais has become a source of unprecedented value

We spent yesterday in the Maconnais, tasting at four different addresses. All are producing vibrant, organic, elegant and flat-out delicious white Burgundies. Addresses in Meursault and Puligny may get most of the press, but these wines can be every bit as good, and come with remarkably friendly price tags.

Our first tasting was with Sebastien Giroux, a terrific young winemaker farming just six hectares of vines in and around Pouilly-Fuissé. Giroux’s disciplined organic winemaking results in extraordinary wines – William Kelley describes them as “supple, pure and charming.” We can report this trend has continued, as Giroux’s 2022s are going to be exceptional.

Back home in Newton we’re glad to have a healthy stock of his Macon-Fuissé “Vers Chanes,” an overperforming terroir with a less famous name than its neighbor Pouilly-Fuissé. This is delicious unoaked Chardonnay with precise, linear focus. The nose calls to mind the golden lushness of Pouilly-Fuissé, but with a fresher finish and no oak to obscure the gorgeous fruit. The mouth is lithe and precise, with chiseled minerality beneath the apple blossom and apricot notes.


Giroux Macon-Fuissé 2021
bottle price: $29

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