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Other Regions

Most of our wines come from France, and the majority of those come from Burgundy. But every so often a region draws our attention further afield. Some of our more interesting discoveries have come from unusual places.

The first two start close to home: the Ferme Fruirouge makes extraordinary crèmes from cassis and other fruits, and their product is as fine as any wine in our portfolio. Further east, we source small amounts of wine from an excellent producer in the Jura, making classic whites and reds from this rugged, ancient region.

Elsewhere in France, we work with a producer in Ardèche, whose Domaine des Accoles produces reds from dark, rich grapes but with unusual balance and elegance. In the north west corner of the country, we work with a cider-maker, whose two traditional Breton products are unique and delicious.

And finally two winemakers have drawn us outside the French border. In Italy, the Fattoria Poggerino makes excellent and remarkably affordable Chiantis from pure sangiovese. And in Germany’s Mosel Valley, we source clean, classic Riesling from the Weingut Franz Dahm, which range from bone dry to late-harvest dessert wines.


  • Domaine Ligier

    Arbois, Jura

    Hervé Ligier is a small, traditional family winery growing the classic grapes of the region: Chardonnay, Savagnin, Poulsard, and Trousseau.

  • Fattoria Poggerino

    Radda-in-Chianti, Italy

    Nestled in the most charming hills of Tuscany, Radda-in-Chianti was one of the four towns in the region’s original limits. The Fattoria Poggerino is on the way out of town, and winemaker Piero Lanza’s Chianti Classico is from pure Sangiovese.

  • Ferme Fruirouge


    The Olivier family has run the Ferme Fruirouge for nine generations. Today they raise their fruits organically and biodynamically, and their crèmes are the cleanest, purest, most intense extraction of fruit we’ve ever seen.

Wines from Other Regions