Michel Gros Nuits-St-Georges 2018


This is from Gros’s plots on the northern side of the town, near the Nuits-Vosne border. This wine is often less bold and masculine than Gros’s other Nuits cuvée from the center of the appellation, but in this vintage the wine is unmistakably a Nuits-St-Georges.

The nose is lovely and dark, bursting with dark blue fruits and a pleasantly rugged earthiness. The mouth is ripe (classically 2018) but not the slightest bit flabby, and shows an untamed essence that calls to mind the charming wildness of rural France – picture something between a medieval castle and a cozy farmhouse fireplace. This isn’t the most complex or most refined of Gros’s cuvées, but it’s perfectly crafted, and an excellent value for the price.

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