Martin-Luneau Muscadet “Gorges” 16


Our source for Cru Muscadet is the Domaine Martin Luneau, which owns fine terroir in two cru villages: Gorges and Clisson. Gorges lies on Granite soils, Clisson on Gabbro; and the different rock makes for different profiles not all that far apart. Both 2016 Cru wines in this offer have classic Muscadet fruit — pure, clean honeydew melon in the nose. Both wines integrate a beautiful salinity into the palate. In the mouth, the Gorges is a touch rounder and fatter, perhaps a bit softer. The Clisson shows a little more definition and linear precision — look for dry lemon peel and oyster shells. Gorges has a touch of yeastiness from the lees that Clisson does not.

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