Michel Gros Clos Vougeot Grand Cru 2017


His two tenths of a hectare in the Clos represent just 0.4% of the vineyard – but if you had to pick a corner of Clos Vougeot for your couple rows of vines, Gros’s plot is where you’d pick. The “Grand Maupertuis” is considered one of the finest “neighborhoods” in the massive vineyard, and Michel’s tiny sliver of land here produces magnificent wine.

The 2017 vintage is offering beautiful early drinking – Gros’s village 2017s are magnificent today – and we think even the Clos Vougeot, typically Gros’s longest lived wine, will not require the decade of patience it often does. Writer Sarah Marsh MW calls it “layered and powerful” with “no lack of structure…nicely refined and compact.”

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