Ribaude Pommeau de Normandie


Pommeau is a blend of ⅔ unfermented apple juice and ⅓ calvados, which is then aged in oak barrels for 2-3 years; (think Port, but with apples). The resulting drink is like a cordial, about 18% alcohol, and usually served chilled in small glasses to begin or end a meal. We love Pommeau, and are excited to have it around the house again soon — we keep a bottle chilled in the fridge and serve it with or as dessert. We even add it to crémant from time to time as a Norman take on the kir.

The Ribaude Pommeau is smoother than many we’ve found; the nose shows notes of baked apple, apricots, honey and dried flowers. The mouth is sweet, smooth and warm, with notes of almonds, tarte tatin, toffee, and wild cherries. Serve with blue cheese, foie gras, or camembert — but most perfectly, with an apple dessert.

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