Here’s what Ansonia customers are saying about us:


“Ansonia Wines is not a wine store nor is it just an online wine outlet. It is a wine service, an importer, a conduit for the vineyards of France and the families that tend them. Tom and Mark offer an intimate knowledge of place and person in very wine they offer. Their palates have led them to wines with a sense of place and remarkable quality at good value. If you love wine, especially Burgundies, and enjoy the story behind the bottle, then Ansonia Wines is the place for you.”

Pete Q.  |  Customer since 2018


“I’ve been buying Burgundy for over 30 years and didn’t realize what I was missing until I met Mark and Tom at Ansonia. The Ansonia model is how every business should work: close relationships with the producer, intimate knowledge of the product and direct to consumer efficiency.”

Bob W.  |  Customer since 2014


“Ansonia offers much more interesting and much higher quality products; distinctive and different… I am always learning something new – a mini wine seminar every visit.”

Vivek B.  |  Customer since 2013


“Your descriptions of each wine are spot on. This is unusual in the online wine buying world.”

Joe B.  |  Customer since 2012


“Whether you are just getting into wine or are a seasoned taster, Ansonia has an extensive portfolio that represents a variety of price points and a variety of regions… they will quickly become your favorite shop!”

Steve S.  |  Certified Specialist of Wine; Certified French Wine Scholar |  Customer since 2016


“The Most Unusual Wine Shop in the Boston Area”
“Their import label is on the back of each bottle, and they find the wineries, establish the personal connections, and do all the leg work themselves… You will never have heard of 95% of these wines.”

Boston Best Eats  |  Chowhound.com