Grapefruits and Gourmands: Sancerre

A wine for gourmands.  Wine writer Lettie Teague describes Sancerre as a wine about “pleasure and not profundity.” And though we’ve certainly had memorable bottles of Sancerre, it’s true that the wine shows a certain joie de vivre – more gourmand than gourmet.

For us, a glass of Sancerre calls to mind a large bowl of mussels in a Parisian bistro rather than a Michelin-starred white tablecloth. It’s a wine so easy to like that sommeliers often avoid offering it by-the-glass, for fear it will outsell everything else. And our favorite Sancerre comes from the Domaine Bellecours.

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A hint of Chablis.  Sancerre is from the Loire Valley, but geographically it is closer to Chablis than to many of its fellow Loire wines. Though Sancerre calls to mind more grapefruit than lemon, the same unoaked purity and clarity can be found in both places; and both wines echo the rocky visual landscapes of their origin.

This is an elegant wine of pure Sauvignon Blanc – lots of roundness but with brisk acidity as well. It is a fantastic food wine (thus popular among our sommelier clients), and would be at home next to anything from a bowl of mussels, to a plate of sushi, to a grilled fish.

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