Refreshing Alsace Pinot Noir.

Vin de Plaisir.  Francis Muré’s wines were made for the summer. Muré and his wife Josiane run a tiny winemaking operation in the beautiful rolling hills of Alsace. Their wines are uncomplicated and refreshing, the perfect antidote for a warm muggy evening.

Francis is a true artisan — when not in the cellar he is making his own duck confit or smoking the rainbow trout his brother catches in nearby mountain streams. His range of wines offers something for nearly every summertime occasion. We’ll release his rosé, white, and sparkling over the next few weeks, but we’re beginning today with the red.


Vin de Soif.  Muré’s Pinot Noir is the perfect summer weight red wine. It’s light and fresh, full of notes of wild cherries, and fresh springtime flowers. We like to serve it slightly chilled — pull it from the fridge 20 minutes or so before serving. It has the freshness of a white, the nose of a rosé, and the light, fruity body of a summery Pinot Noir.

Mure’s Pinot Noir 2014 may be his best yet. With just a hint of oak during elevage to help round it out, this wine is mostly about pure, fresh cherry fruit. Cool it down and serve it with salads, sushi, or grilled chicken — it’s hard to imagine a better match for the summer.


MURÉ Pinot Noir 2014
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