Weekend Reads: 7.10.15

A few of the articles on wine and food we enjoyed this week:


The Science of Dry Aging  |  Lucky Peach :
Harold McGee discusses the enzymatic process behind dry-aging meat.

The Pinnacle of Cheesemongering  |  WSJ :
A cheesemongering competition in New York.


Consider the Apple  |  World of Fine Wine :
A primer on cider; background on the tradition in Normandy and Brittany, and a look at the state of cider today.

A History of Whiskey Labels  |  NPR The Salt :
A look at the packaging and labeling of whiskeys over the years.

A New Era for Beaujolais  |  Punch :
A look at the post-carbonic era of Beaujolais, complete with a heated comment section.