Summer in a Glass: Unpretentious, Thirst-Quenching Alsatian Rosé

Rosé should be easy — a simple wine for an uncomplicated moment. Some rosés go well with food, and our options this year from Malmont and Goubert are both refreshing and delicious. But today’s rosé is best on its own, as a pleasant aperitif on a patio or roof deck.

Francis Muré retires this year, so this is his final vintage of rosé. But he’s saved the best for last — we think it’s the best he’s made. From 100% Pinot Noir grown in Alsace, this wine is everything we look for in a rosé: dry, clean, refreshing, straightforward, and inexpensive.



The 2017 Pinot Noir Rosé is very pale — we’ve had a few whites with more color — but it’s far more complex than the hue implies. The nose is bright and floral, with lime zest, straw, and strawberries. The mouth is entirely dry, with a lively, crisp mouthfeel and delicious clean finish full of flowers, lemon, and stone.

This is Muré at his finest — humble, unpretentious, beautiful wine with surprising complexity and perfect balance. On a hot summer day it’s as refreshing as a cool dip in the ocean.



Muré Rosé 2017

Ansonia Retail: $24
6+ bottle price : $18/bot


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