Outstanding New 2015 Gigondas from Goubert. $28

For several decades the Domaine les Goubert has produced some of the most popular wines in our portfolio. Grown in the warm Provençal sunshine around Gigondas, they’re smooth, accessible, welcoming red wines perfect for a cozy evening by the fire.

In recent years they’ve unmistakably increased in precision and polish, no doubt a result of winemaker Florence Cartier’s attention to detail. We sampled four of the just-arrived cuvées last night side by side — Côtes du Rhône, Sablet, Beaumes de Venise, and Gigondas — and they’re outstanding at every level.

All four are available now, and we’ll be writing more them in the coming weeks. But we’re starting with the old favorite and their flagship — Gigondas.

2015 was a magnificent year in Gigondas. Josh Raynolds of Vinous writes that the vintage “produced one of the most consistently excellent sets of Gigondas that I’ve ever had the chance to taste,” noting the wines’ “distinct power and depth.” Goubert’s 2015 Gigondas is no exception.

The nose is packed with dense red fruits, spice, violets, and warm earth. The mouth is bold and intense, showing a richness reminiscent of nearby Châteauneuf-du-Pape. Notes of plum, wild cherries, and chocolate dominate the palate, which finishes long and sophisticated and with what Raynolds calls “very good, spicy tenacity.”

We ran out of most of our Goubert wines last month, and it’s a relief to have them back in stock. When wine is this rich, this tasty, and this affordable, it can be hard to open anything else.



Goubert Gigondas 2015
bottle price: $28

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