Smooth, Mouthfilling New Wintery Red. $22

France’s Rhône valley produces rich, smooth red blends, perfect for a wintery afternoon meal. At one end there’s Châteauneuf-du-Pape, famous and long-lived; at the other there’s Côtes du Rhône, uncomplicated and inexpensive. Today’s wine is from the middle.

Many of our favorite red Rhônes come from the Domaine les Goubert, best known for their excellent Gigondas. Today we’re pleased to announce the return of one of their lesser known wines: their red Beaumes de Venise.

If Beaumes de Venise calls to mind dessert wines, you’re not wrong. The town is famous for its sweet Muscat wines first planted in 600 BCE. But the terroir also produces a small amount of excellent red, with a rugged richness that makes them perfect for cold weather.

Goubert’s Beaumes de Venise is a blend of Grenache, Syrah, and Cinsault, with the final grape adding a sauvage quality that makes the wine distinct and delicious. We found the 2016 Goubert BDV irresistible, and noticeably more complex than in years past. The nose is dark and weathered, showing strawberry jam, honey, and earthy notes of the local underbrush known as garrigue. The mouth is lively and juicy, with pleasant youthful structure.

This is an astonishingly complete wine at $22. It’s perhaps a bit less refined than its older brother Gigondas, but what it lacks in elegance it makes up in pluck. With icy winds howling and temperatures plunging, you’ll be happy for a bottle of this to keep yourself warm.



Goubert Beaumes de Venise 2016
bottle price: $22

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