Refreshing Alsatian Summertime Pinot Noir. $19

Our focus on Burgundy means we taste a lot of Pinot Noir. From simple regional wines to ageworthy Grand Cru, there’s a remarkable spectrum of expression in Red Burgundy. But today’s Pinot Noir is outside even Burgundy’s wide range.

In the Alsace, Pinot Noir takes on a less serious role — simpler, juicier, and more floral. Winemakers here usually employ less oak and less extraction, resulting in wines that drink well immediately. They’re not profound or ageworthy, but on a warm summer afternoon it’s hard to think of a better choice.

Today’s wine comes from the Domaine Mersiol, a family source in the picturesque Alsatian hilltown of Dambach-la-Ville. The Mersiols farm organically on rolling, granite-flecked hillsides, producing crisp whites and refreshing juicy reds. Their 2018 Pinot Noir is surprisingly dense and concentrated, and a bit more mouthfilling than usual, but just as pleasant.

The nose shows dark cranberry, wild cherries, and strawberry jam, alongside perfumed spring flowers and violets. The mouth is cool, clean, and refreshing, with excellent freshness, softened tannins and a smooth, lively finish.

We like to serve it as the French often do — a bit cool and, if possible, outside. Bring it along on your next picnic, even if it’s just by an open window.


Mersiol Pinot Noir 2018
bottle price: $19

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