“Premier Cru” Sancerre: Pear, Grapefruit, and Stones

If Sancerre had a grand cru vineyard, it would be the Monts Damnées. This most famous of Sancerre’s terroirs abuts the hamlet of Chavignol west of the town. Sancerre produces popular wine from every corner of its appellation, but the hillside of the Monts Damnées is special.

And just a half mile to the east along the same slope lies “Les Bouffants.” Its soil is similarly full of “Caillotes” (large limestone stones), and it’s from this plot that today’s wine hails. Bouffants’s slope isn’t quite as steep as its famous neighbor, but you’d want someone who knew what they were doing driving a tractor up the hill from you.

The 2017 Bouffants was the first Garenne wine to sell out last year, and we’re excited to have the 2018 back in stock today. Garenne’s regular Sancerre is delightful and everything we look for in a Sancerre. But “Bouffants” is truly something special.

Made from pure, unoaked Sauvignon Blanc, Bouffants is more dense and serious than Garenne’s regular cuvée. The 2018 is concentrated and very long, full of deep mineral intensity and dried fruit. Look for notes of pears and grapefruits, with a long, clean, very dry finish. Think of the ripe fruitiness of a classic Sauvignon combined with the stony core of a Cru Muscadet.

Bouffants is a perfect food wine and can stand up to a wide range of diverse flavors. Serve it with steamed lobsters and ample butter this summer, and it will be years before your guests forget the pairing.


Garenne Sancerre “Bouffants” 2018
bottle price: $28

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