Smooth, Dry, Thirst-Quenching New Provencal Rosé. $19

Rosé may be in vogue of late, but its origins are actually quite old. The people of Provence have made rosé since 6th Century BC, when Phonecean ships brought vines across the Mediterranean. Today Provence remains one of the world’s centers of rosé production.

With spring weather finally here, rosé season is upon us, and we’re excited to release a cuvée that meets all three of our rosé criteria: dry, inexpensive, and refreshing. Goubert’s Rosé de Flo has become staple at summer cocktail parties among our readers.

It’s dry, delicious, and dangerously easy to drink.

Rosé de Flo is the project of the Cartier family’s thirtysomething daughter Florence, who is now handling much of the winemaking at Goubert. Her rosé is 100% saigné (literally, “bled”) meaning it’s made entirely from juice that runs off from grapes resting in the tank. This makes for a more subtle, elegant style, with increased floral notes and a crisper, less mouthfilling palate.

The 2018 Rosé de Flo is a blend of grenache, syrah, and mourvèdre. The nose shows spring flowers and red fruits like strawberry and raspberry. The mouth is more refreshing than last year’s with good intensity and refreshing and brisk mouthfeel — look for notes of grapefruit zest and citrus.

Bone dry, with soft ripeness and beautiful tension, this wine disappears with remarkable haste. Open one with a salad, or goat cheese and tapenade on crusty bread, and you’ll be transported to Provence.


Goubert Rosé de Flo 2018
bottle price: $19

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