The Perfect Summer Aperitif

Most wines taste better with food, and some require it. But other wines are complete glasses on their own. One of our favorites in the “aperitif” category is the Auxerrois (OH-sehr-WAH) from our friends at the Domaine Mersiol in Alsace. Whether you’re welcoming guests to a dinner party, or looking for something refreshing on a summer afternoon, this is the perfect standalone glass of white.

Mersiol’s wines embody the Alsace’s signature blend of fruit, flowers, and freshness. Christophe Mersiol attributes the exceptional purity in his wines to organic agriculture. Auxerrois is a variation on a Pinot Blanc, and his displays a perfect balance between round, mouthfilling fruit, and stony, crystalline freshness.

We think the secret to Auxerrois’s appeal is the ratio of fruit to acidity to alcohol. Like Pinot Gris, Auxerrois is a grape with a high potential for viscosity — in the wrong hands it can turn flat. But Mersiol’s Auxerrois is brisk and lively, with beautiful peach and apricot fruit cut by a brisk lemon freshness. The result is a straightforward, utterly drinkable wine.

Auxerrois needs no accompaniment — think of it as great background music, rather than a concert in its own right. But if you’re hungry and an open bottle appears in your kitchen, consider grilled chicken, lobster rolls, goat cheese, or a simple salad. It’s simple, refreshing, affordable — the perfect glass for summer.


Mersiol Auxerrois 2017
bottle price: $18

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