Sophisticated, Refined New Sparkling Blanc de Blancs under $30.

For centuries Champagne has been a symbol of refinement and class. It’s sophistication in a glass, the pick of high rollers from Gatsby to Churchill. And for the most serious aficionados, Blanc de Blancs is the best of the best. Made from only white grapes, it’s Champagne at its most elegant.

But a Blanc de Blancs needn’t cost you three figures. For those in search of refined bubbles at a more affordable price, Maison Picamelot Crémant “Reipes” fits the bill beautifully. This is as good as non-Champagne bubbles get. The Wine Advocate’s resident Champagne expert William Kelley calls Picamelot’s wines “elegant,” “excellent,” and “superb.”

“Reipes” is Burgundian Blanc de Blancs that’s subtle, elegant, and classy.

Louis Picamelot was among the first crémant producers in Rully, a town now known for its sparkling wines. They make several excellent cuvées, most of them blends of Burgundy’s four grapes: Chardonnay, Aligoté, Pinot Noir, and Gamay.

But for “Les Reipes,” (pronounced “ley REP”) the recipe is simple — all Chardonnay from a single terroir. It’s dry and very fine, with bright clean notes of brioche, almonds, and lightly buttered toast. The mouth is crisp and complex, with notes of lemon, minerals, and woods.

Serve this at your next cocktail party beside a triple creme cheese like Brillat-Savarin. Or pour it at a summer wedding — your guests will toast you with enthusiasm.


Picamelot Crémant “Reipes” NV
bottle price: $29

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