New $16 Syrah-Blend: Fruit Jam, Lavender, Earth

For the careful shopper, the Languedoc can be an abundant resource. There’s still plenty of bad wine made in the vast region, but if you make good choices, $16 will take you farther here than just about anywhere else. Need proof? Today’s wine.

Vignerons:   Brother and sister Christine Deleuze and Luc Simon are the winemakers at Clos Bagatelle, a Languedoc estate that dates to 1623. Their meticulous vineyard work results in refreshing wines, even from a hot climate.

Appellation:   St-Chinian is an ancient town high in the hills of the Languedoc. Its high elevation and schist-laden soils produce wines with character, minerality, and crisp texture.

Wine:   Bagatelle’s St-Chinian “Origine” 2018 is full of cool, stony fruit – there’s a dark berry freshness and lack of heat that’s hard to come by in much of the Languedoc. The palate offers fruit compote, meatiness, and hints of tobacco, but without high alcohol or palate-tiring heaviness.

Pairing:   If your grill is still up and running, this is an excellent match for grilled meats — this flank-steak and scallions recipe would work beautifully. But as the weather cools, this is a perfect everyday red to have around to match with autumn dishes: a weeknight workhorse of a wine at under $4/glass.


Bagatelle St-Chinian “Origine” 2018
bottle price: $16

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