“Supple, Round, and Delicious”: 2017 Michel Gros Bourgogne. $25

Our final Futures issue of the year comes out next week. It includes some of our most popular winemakers — Goubert, Boyer-Martenot, Desvignes, and more — but one favorite in particular: the Domaine Michel Gros. His entire lineup of 2017s will be available next Sunday, but today we’re focusing on one wine that is always in short supply.

The 2017 vintage was a happy one in Burgundy — bountiful quantities, healthy grapes, plenty of sun. The red Burgundies feature ripe fruit and relatively low acidities, and the resulting wines are accessible and delicious.

Great winemakers make excellent wines from even the humblest terroir. Gros is famous for his fine, high-end red Burgundies, and we can’t recommend them enough. But for everyday enjoyment, Gros’s simpler wines show the class of much fancier bottles.

Gros’s Bourgogne 2017 is refined, juicy, toasty, and polished. There’s far more complexity here than most reds at the Bourgogne level. Look for silky tannins, notes of raspberry and plum, and an earthy, complex palate. Burghound found a “fresh and distinctly earthy nose,” and called it “supple, round and delicious.”

We expect Gros’s 2017s to make lots of friends over the coming years. But this one, scheduled to arrive in late November, will be a treat by the holiday season. For a Burgundy lover, this is about as good a wine as $25 will ever buy. First come, first served until our allocation is used up.


Michel Gros Bourgogne 2017
Ansonia Retail: $384
October Futures: $295/case

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