2017 Michel Gros Bourgogne: “Supple, Round, and Delicious”

Experienced collectors often say that Burgundy’s best values come from a great winemaker’s simpler wines. Today’s winemaker, Michel Gros, is world famous for his exquisite, high-end red Burgundies – several older vintages of his finer cuvées are listed here.

But Gros also makes some “petits vins,” and none is more delightful or approachable than his Bourgogne rouge. In Burgundy the 2017 vintage brought bountiful quantities, healthy grapes, plenty of sun. The reds feature ripe fruit and relatively low acidities, and the resulting wines are accessible and delicious.

Gros’s always-pleasant Bourgogne is even more so in 2017 — a sub-$35 red Burgundy that drinks far above its class.

Gros’s Bourgogne 2017 is refined, juicy, toasty, and polished. There’s far more complexity here than most reds at the Bourgogne level. Look for silky tannins, notes of raspberry and plum, and an earthy, complex palate. Burghound found a “fresh and distinctly earthy nose,” and called it “supple, round and delicious.”

All of our 2017 Red Burgundies are delicious — the French call them “restaurant wines,” a reference to their abundance, approachability, and charm. But Gros’s 2017 Bourgogne rouge adds an extra level of class. Most was reserved through Futures — the last few cases are available today.


Gros Bourgogne 2017
bottle price: $32

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