Extraordinary New 12-Year-Old Grower Champagne

Today we’re sharing an exciting discovery from earlier this year: a new grower Champagne producer. The Domaine Jacques Robin is a tiny source in the Côtes des Bar, a southern satellite subregion of Champagne. We’re among their first US importers, and found their wines charming and extremely well priced.

All three of their cuvées are now in stock, but we’re singling out their finest today: the 2007 Cuvée Kimmeridgienne. Made from pure Pinot Noir grown in chalk/limestone/clay soils, this wine sat on its lees for a remarkable 10 years, gaining complexity and exceptional depth. It was disgorged (final corking) four months ago and is simply magnificent today.

This stopped people in their tracks at our warehouse tasting yesterday in Newton. We can’t think of a classier treat for your Christmas afternoon.

Robin’s 2007 Kimmeridgienne is for those who enjoy a bit of evolution in their Champagne. The bottle we opened yesterday was toasty and refined, opening beautifully over an hour or so. The nose shows notes of anise, herbs, apple crisp and buttered toast; the mouth is smooth, delicate, and fresh, full of brioche and caramel.

The Guide Hachette awarded a star, calling it “gourmand and harmonious,” with notes of “candied fruits, plum, hazelnut, jam, and smoke.” It’s hardly an everyday bottle, but at $75 it’s an extraordinary value. And with the year (and decade) coming to a close, we think you’ll be able to find an excuse to open one.


Robin Champagne Kimmeridgienne 2007
bottle price: $75

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